Monday, July 1, 2019

Turnitin Unavailable July 13 11am EST to 7pm EST

Please note Turnitin will be unavailable on Saturday, July 13, from 11am to 7pm EST. This means submissions and grading via Turnitin will not be possible during this time. We advise submission deadlines be set outside of this maintenance window.

Please plan accordingly.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 Fall Courses Now in BOLT

Information regarding 2019 Fall Courses:

  • Students will load into Fall courses on August 15th.
    • You must set your course to "active" for students to have access to it in BOLT.
  • Want Fall course sections combined in BOLT? The deadline was June 4th but if you have a late contract or assignment, you can contact us prior to the start of the semester with a special request for course combine at

Locating 2019 Fall course(s) in BOLT:

cursor on select a course grid icon and over the pin icon to the right of a 2019Fall course
  1. Click the Select a course (grid) icon at the top of the page in BOLT.
  2. 2019Fall course(s) will display in the list.
    • If you have a search field, type "2019Fall" and click the magnifying glass icon to Search for only those courses.
    • You can pin your courses to pin them to the top of your list for easy access during the session.
Via My Courses Widget
cursor over 2019Fall semester filter in My Courses widget and Summer courses displayed with inactive filter over the course image
  1. Click the semester filter for "2019Fall" or else click the arrow to expand the filter menu and click "2019Fall"
  2. Courses will display for that semester/session with an Inactive filter over the course image.

Support Information:

IMDC Learning Lounge

  • Andruss Library 206
  • Monday - Friday | 9am to 4pm
  • Email us at
  • Call us at (570)389-2065

24/7 BOLT Technical Support

  • Call 1-866-921-0473
  • Use the Support Portal widget in BOLT to access live chat, email, and knowledge base technical support.

PSST! Come to our Web Conferencing Wednesdays Sessions!

We told you we would have more information about upcoming training sessions! The first bunch we want you to know about are all about our web conferencing tool Zoom. On select Wednesdays we are offering “Introduction to Zoom” trainings. In August as our training schedule picks up prior to Fall, we will also offer “Engaging Students in Zoom”.

If you are new to Zoom and want to learn how to use it to conduct online meetings or classes, please consider registering for “Introduction to Zoom” on one of our Web Conferencing Wednesdays.

If you are looking to increase engagement or do more activities in your Zoom meetings, please consider attending “Engaging Students in Zoom” in August.

Trainings will take place in Andruss Library 243!

Registration for sessions is required and is available at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Students Now Enrolled in BOLT Courses for 19 Summer

Students are now visible in the Classlist of 2019Summer courses in BOLT.

REMINDER: You must set your course to active in order for students to see and access it in BOLT.

Locating 2019 Summer course(s) in BOLT:

  1. Click the Select a course (grid) icon at the top of the page in BOLT.
  2. 2019Summer course(s) will display in the list. 
click the Select a course grid icon to see courses displayed in the list or search for 2019Summer to see courses" title="click the Select a course grid icon to see courses displayed in the list or sea" title="click the Select a course grid icon to see courses displayed in the list or search for 2019Summer to see courses

  • If you have a search field, type "2019Summer" and click the magnifying glass icon to Search for only those courses.
  • When the Summer session begins, we recommend pinning the course(s) to your My Courses widget for easy access to the course(s).
Courses are inactive by default! You will see the word “Inactive” tagged to your course(s) in the My Courses widget. STUDENTS CANNOT SEE OR ACCESS INACTIVE COURSES.
When you want students to be able to see and access the course, set it to active:
  • Click on a course name in BOLT to enter the course.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Click on "Course Offering Information" in Course Admin.
  • Scroll down and check the box in front of "Course is active".
  • Click the "Save" button.
No course(s) found? Please verify you are listed in MyHusky as the instructor for the course(s) before contacting us. It takes 24-48 hours once you are listed as the instructor in MyHusky for you to gain access to the course in BOLT.

Support Information:

Instructional Media and Design Center

Learning Lounge - Andruss Library 206
Summer Hours: M/W/F 12pm - 4pm
Email us at
Call us at (570)389-2065

24/7 BOLT Technical Support

Call 1-866-921-0473
Use the Support Portal widget in BOLT to access live chat, email, and knowledge base support.
Access the searchable IMDC Infobase at
In BOLT, click Help, then BOLT Help Course to access other step by step docs and video tutorials.

Friday, April 12, 2019

BOLT Will Be Unavailable Sunday, May 12 from 2am to 12pm EST

Please note that BOLT will be unavailable to all end users on Sunday, May 12, 2019 from 2am to 12 noon EST. A maintenance page will appear during this time and no access to the site will be possible during the window. This scheduled time was moved by D2L to accommodate activities during finals week. Please schedule BOLT activities accordingly.

Impact: BOLT will be inaccessible to all end users during the scheduled downtime.
When: 05/12/2019 2AM - 12PM EST
Why: D2L is migrating all Brightspace clients to AWS.

Common Questions:

Will this affect my course content?
No. This will not affect course content or other work done in courses.

Will this affect student work in my courses?
No. This migration won't affect student, or any end user, data.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Thank you,
IMDC Staff

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

BOLT Course Combine Request for 2019 Fall Available

If you teach multiple sections of the same course and want to combine the sections in BOLT for 2019 Fall, the BOLT Combined Request tab in MyHusky is now available. If you want to combine the sections, please visit the Faculty Center in MyHusky and click the BOLT Combined Request tab and complete the form. For directions, check out the Course Combine Request widget on the BOLT My Home page.


DEADLINE for course combine request for Fall: June 4, 2019


NOTE: Requests must be completed by the deadline. After the deadline, requests will be accepted only if there is a schedule change, new instructor hire, or late contract/assignments.



If you teach a lecture course with multiple lab or clinical sections but don’t have access to all sections in MyHusky, please submit a request by emailing us at Please be sure to include the course and ALL sections that should be combined.


Publisher Integrations

If you are using publisher integrations in your course, there is no longer a need to request them. You now have the ability to choose homepages for the McGraw-Hill Connect or Pearson MyLabs & Mastering integrations, and to use Course Builder to add Cengage or TestOut. We recommend working with your publisher rep to help set up your materials on the publisher end, and connect the BOLT course with your publisher access once courses are available in June.


Spring Ahead with Zoom, Part 2

Just an early heads up that one of our staff at the IMDC will be offering training sessions on Zoom ( this summer. Please stay tuned! Details about that and other trainings will be in an upcoming BOLT Bulletin!


Thank you,

Chaya, Jared, and the IMDC Staff


Need help with instructional technology?

  • Faculty, staff, and students can reach us at the IMDC!
    • M/T/Th/F 9am to 4pm, W 10am to 4pm.
    • Faculty can visit us in Andruss Library 206.
    • Faculty, staff, and students can reach us at (570)389-2065 or!
  • Helpful articles are available on the IMDC Infobase:
  • Documentation is available in the BOLT Help Course in BOLT
    • Click Help
    • Click BOLT Help Course
  • Technical Support is Available After Hours
    • For BOLT after hours technical support, call 1-866-921-0473.
    • For Zoom technical support, call 1-888-799-9666.
    • For TurningPoint technical support, call 1-866-746-3015.


Friday, January 11, 2019

NEW Feature Available to Instructors: Select which course homepage to use

In our Fall BOLT survey we asked if instructors preferred having a homepage set for you or if you would prefer being able to choose between different course homepage layouts and options.
  • 31% preferred having the homepage set.
  • 48% preferred having the ability to choose between different homepages.
  • 20% did not have a preference.

Starting NOW, instructors can select a course homepage for each course in BOLT.

All courses will have a default course homepage. If you want to use integrations such as Pearson MyLab and Mastering, or McGraw-Hill Connect, you can change your homepage to one with that integration. (If you already have an integration set up for 2018Winter or 2019Spring, don’t worry- your courses are still connected and set up! Previous semester courses are also still connected, but would need a homepage change to show your widget.)

What this means for you:
  • You can select homepages for different purposes in different courses.
  • You no longer need to request the Pearson MyLabs & Mastering integration.
  • You no longer need to request the McGraw-Hill Connect deeper integration.

Currently we have the default homepage, a Pearson homepage, and a McGraw-Hill homepage. In the future, other course homepages will be available to instructors to trial or use new tools and other features of BOLT.

For now, if you want to learn how to change your homepage, you can find information in both the BOLT Help Course in BOLT (in the Course Customization module) and on the IMDC Infobase at

Friday, November 16, 2018

IMDC Learning Lounge CLOSED Nov 19-23

Please note the IMDC Learning Lounge in Andruss Library 206 will be closed the week of Nov 19th. However, if you need assistance with BOLT or other instructional technology, you can still reach us at 

If you need assistance right away, we also have 24/7/365 BOLT technical support at 1-866-921-0473, and technical support for Zoom at 1-888-799-9666. For assistance with Bloomsburg network systems, we recommend contacting the Bloomsburg University Help Desk at (570)389-4357.

We will reopen the Learning Lounge on Nov 26 at 9am. Thank you for your understanding. 

See you soon,
IMDC Staff