Thursday, June 28, 2018

New in BOLT: Question Pools have replaced Random Sections in Quizzes

D2L has phased out the random section feature and added question pools to quizzes. This functions similarly but has an improved workflow.

Question pools will allow you to select a number of questions and define how many of those questions show up on each student's attempt. Then BOLT will randomly add that number of questions to each student's quiz attempt.

Here is a video describing how you can create question pools in your quizzes:

Video transcript:
In your quiz, click Add/Edit Questions.
Click New, and select Question Pool.
On the Question Pool screen, give the pool a name.
Type the number of questions from the pool you want each student to get on their quiz.
Type the number of points for each question in the pool.
Click Browse Question Library.
Find the questions you want to add to the pool and select them.
Click Add.
The questions are added to the pool.
Click Save.
Your pool is added to the quiz.

The BOLT Help Course documentation has been updated to reflect this feature change.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2018 Fall Courses Now Available in BOLT

Instructors now have access to 2018 Fall courses in BOLT. Students won't load into courses until August 16th.

click the grid icon or search for 2018Fall courses in BOLT

For more information please see the Important News widget in BOLT!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Students now enrolled in 2018Summer course classlists in BOLT

Students are now visible in the Classlist of 2018Summer courses in BOLT.

REMINDER: You must set your course to active in order for students to see and access it in BOLT.
  • Click on a course name in BOLT to enter the course.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Click on "Course Offering Information" in Course Admin.
  • Scroll down and check the box in front of "Course is active".
  • Click the "Save" button.

No course(s) found? Please verify you are listed in MyHusky as the instructor for the course(s) before contacting us. It takes 24-48 hours once you are listed as the instructor in MyHusky for you to gain access to the course in BOLT.


The Instructional Media and Design Center in Andruss Library 206 will be closed until we hire summer staff. If you want hands on assistance with BOLT, instructional technology, or online instruction, you can make an appointment to meet with a supervisor by emailing

24/7 BOLT Technical Support

Call 1-866-921-0473

Use the Need Help? widget in BOLT to access live chat, email, and knowledge base support.

Coming Soon: IMDC Infobase for instructors at 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Fall Combined Course Request: Deadline June 5

If you want to combine course sections in BOLT for 2018 Fall, please click the BOLT Combined Request tab and complete the form via the Faculty Center in MyHusky. For directions, check out the Course Combine Request widget on the BOLT My Home page.


DEADLINE for Combined Course Requests for Fall: June 5, 2018


NOTE: Requests must be completed by the above deadline. Requests after the deadline will be accepted only if there is a schedule change, new instructor hire, or late contracts/assignments.



If you teach a lecture course with multiple lab or clinical sections, but don’t have access to all the sections in MyHusky, please submit a request by emailing us at Please be sure to include the course and ALL sections that should be combined.



Publisher Integrations Deadlines

Pearson MyLabs & Mastering
DEADLINE for Pearson requests for Fall: August 15, 2018

Do you use the Pearson integration in your BOLT course? Request the integration for Summer at our form here:


McGraw-Hill Connect Deeper Integration
DEADLINE for Connect requests for Fall: August 15, 2018

You can still use the old Connect integration without requesting, but if you want to use the new Connect integration you will need to request it at our form here:

Keep Springing Ahead with Zoom!

We are offering more workshops on Zoom. If you didn't get a chance to attend our Zoom Essentials training, we put it online for you!

Watch it at

Types of Meetings
Learn how to set up different meetings- online classrooms, online office hours, group meetings for students, and more!

04/25/2018 |  9AM  | Andruss Library 243

Hosting Meetings Limited seat workshop! Registration required!
Learn what all the host controls do, and how you can use them to host an excellent meeting in Zoom!

04/25/2018 |  3PM | Andruss Library 305

04/26/2018 | 11AM | Andruss Library 305

Interactive Ideas Limited seat workshop! Registration required!
Learn how you can use Video chat, Zoom polling, and other instructional technology in your Zoom meetings for an engaging experience with students.

05/01/2018 | 11AM | Andruss Library 305

Please register for limited seat sessions by April 24 at

Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring Ahead with Zoom: More opportunities to attend!

demo mobile and laptop view of zoom with zoom logo overlay

Do you use online web conferencing tools in your classes? We are moving to Zoom after the Spring semester, so we are springing ahead with Zoom training to prepare you!

We have more intro sessions for faculty and staff to attend.

LIVE intro sessions:
Monday, April 2, from 3PM to 430PM
Tuesday, April 3, from 11AM to 1230PM

These live sessions will be held in Andruss Library 243. Please note we will not broadcast the sessions via Zoom. We are offering online sessions for those who want to learn online.

ONLINE intro sessions:
Monday, April 2, from 9AM to 10AM
Tuesday, April 3, from 9AM to 10AM

Please register for a session at

If you register for an online session you will receive a link to the online session in your confirmation email. Confirmation emails are not automatic; we check the registration and then send them. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact us at

We will be offering more opportunities to get ahead of the game with Zoom, including some advanced and focused trainings. Keep checking this blog for updates and more offerings throughout April and May.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Improvement to creating sections in Quizzes and Question Library

A new, simpler interface for creating sections in a quiz is live in the new quizzing experience. The new interface includes a preview of the section as you create it.

New section creation screen in Quizzes and Question Library

Section title and text are visible to students by default. Select checkboxes beneath each field to hide them from students in the quiz. A preview appears on the right as information is entered in the fields. Finally, the save button includes a drop down menu and includes Save and New and Save and Copy options.

The following options have been deprecated in the New Section user interface:
- Image > Add a File. (You can add a file using the HTML Editor.)
- Line breaks after each section name
- Display message and image
- Section feedback
- Private Comments