Friday, November 16, 2018

IMDC Learning Lounge CLOSED Nov 19-23

Please note the IMDC Learning Lounge in Andruss Library 206 will be closed the week of Nov 19th. However, if you need assistance with BOLT or other instructional technology, you can still reach us at 

If you need assistance right away, we also have 24/7/365 BOLT technical support at 1-866-921-0473, and technical support for Zoom at 1-888-799-9666. For assistance with Bloomsburg network systems, we recommend contacting the Bloomsburg University Help Desk at (570)389-4357.

We will reopen the Learning Lounge on Nov 26 at 9am. Thank you for your understanding. 

See you soon,
IMDC Staff

Friday, October 5, 2018

If you're using clickers in the classroom, here are some resources and tips you may find helpful.

Whether you are new to clickers or a seasoned veteran of our student response system, you may need some help now and then to keep things rolling smoothly. You may also want to think about new ways to use clickers, and see what others are doing. We have some resources to share that will benefit you in all of these situations.

If you want to know more, please read on.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

NOTICE: Use of Proctoring Tools in BOLT at Bloomsburg University

The IMDC provides several options to improve quiz security for online quizzing at Bloomsburg University. However, we have noticed an increase in the use of our ProctorU solution and want to make sure it is clear the purpose and use of the different tools.

ProctorU is intended ONLY for high stakes online exams which require test-taker identification for accreditative purposes.

ALL OTHER online quizzes and exams should use Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.

ProctorU exams should be scheduled by students at least 72 hours prior to the time they want to take their exam.

The IMDC will be monitoring use of these services and will make inquiries if this is not observed.

If you have questions please contact us at the IMDC.

Survey available in BOLT

A survey on the use of the features of BOLT is available to faculty. You can find the survey at the upper right hand corner of the BOLT My Home page, or visit

This survey is for FACULTY ONLY.

We appreciate any time taken to respond. Thank you!

Spring Course Combine Period Begins

If you are teaching more than one section of a class in the Spring and want them combined in BOLT, you can make your requests via MyHusky.

There is more information in BOLT about both this and Winter course combine requests. Please note Winter course combine requests are done via Google form at, but Spring requests are made directly in MyHusky once you are listed as the instructor in the courses in MyHusky.

If you are teaching a lecture/lab and want courses combined, you can make that request via email. Email us at and let us know which sections you want combined for Spring.

The deadline for Spring requests is October 31st.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

You can now request combined course sections for Winter session!

If you're teaching multiple sections of the same course this Winter and want to combine your sections in BOLT, please complete the Winter BOLT Course Combine Request form at

The deadline for this is October 19, 2018. Requests after the deadline will only be accepted for special circumstances.

If you need to request publisher integrations for Winter, use the links below.

Pearson request form:
McGraw-Hill Connect form:

The deadline for requesting integrations for Winter is December 05, 2018.

If you have any questions please reach out to

Monday, August 13, 2018

IMDC Trainings August 20-24: Register by Friday, August 17th!

The IMDC is offering training sessions for BOLT and other items of interest the week of August 20th. All sessions will take place in Andruss Library 243. Registration for workshops is required by August 17th. Register at

Zoom Workshops

Monday, August 20 at 9am and Friday, August 24 at 11am
Do you need to use web conferencing for online office hours or synchronous class sessions? We recently transitioned to a new web conferencing tool. Come to this session if you are new to Zoom and want to learn how to use it.

TurningPoint 8 Sync Workshop

Tuesday, August 21 at 2pm
Instructors responded to our poll and we selected the date that was best for most. At this workshop we will explore the new version of TurningPoint and show how you can easily sync up your BOLT course with the new software for participant list and grade sync. Come to this session to learn the new, simplified workflows and features exclusive to this new version of TurningPoint.

Build it in BOLT Series

BOLT Basics

Tuesday, August 21 at 9am
If you're new to BOLT and want to learn what you can do, come to this workshop. We will cover the basics to get you acquainted to BOLT and its tools.
If you're teaching online, join us for a doubleheader: There is a Best Practices for Teaching Online session after this session!

BOLT Gradebook

Wednesday, August 22 at 10am
If you need to learn how to set up Grades in BOLT, come to this workshop. We will explain how the Grades tool works and assist with setting up your BOLT Grades tool.

BOLT Assignments

Wednesday, August 22 at 2pm
Do you want students to submit work to BOLT? If you want to use the Assignments tool in BOLT, come learn how at this workshop. Recently we had an update that allows students to submit an assignment without uploading a file! We also have a new version of Turnitin for Fall. We will showcase these updates and other features of the tool at this workshop.


Wednesday, August 22 at 3pm and Friday, August 24 at 9am
We have a new Turnitin integration in BOLT for Fall. Adding Turnitin is easier than ever with the new Turnitin tab in the Assignments tool. Come to this workshop to find out how to set up assignments with plagiarism checking using this new integration with Turnitin.

For a double-header, come to our Wednesday Assignments session and then this Turnitin session to knock it out of the park with Assignments this fall!

BOLT Quizzes

Thursday, August 23 at 9am
Quizzes has undergone some changes over the past year as part of a Quizzes improvement by our software vendor. Come to this session to find out what is new, what is coming, and what you can do right now in the Quizzes tool.

BOLT Rubrics

Thursday, August 23 at 10am
The Rubrics tool is the latest tool in BOLT that is getting a major upgrade from our software vendor. Come to this session to find out what is new, what is on the way, and what you can do with Rubrics in BOLT!

Content Building

Thursday, August 23 at 2pm
If you're teaching online you will probably use the Content tool in BOLT a lot. Come to this session to find out how and what you can build in the Content tool in your course.

Online Teaching Series

Video Tools

Monday, August 20 at 11am and Thursday, August 23 at 3pm
Build presence in online courses using video tools available in BOLT. This workshop will showcase the different video tools available in BOLT and how you can use them to create presence in your online course and course activities.

Best Practices

Tuesday, August 21 at 10am
If you're new to teaching online, these best practices for teaching online will help you get rolling on your online learning journey. Use the best practices in this workshop to get started teaching online.
If you're NEW to teaching with BOLT, join us for a doubleheader: There is a BOLT Basics session before this session!